Designing and planning  your new home or addition
is likely to be the most exciting and rewarding
phase on your journey to building your “dream
home”. It can also be an overwhelming and
daunting task without the proper  guidance of a
Residential Designer.
 Vintage Home Design  can
navigate you through
 the complex maze of
restrictive covenants, building codes, zoning
ordinances, design choices and so on to help you
meet your desired expectations.

Quality design is as important to making your
house “right” as quality construction is to building
your house “right”. Clients who value the
importance of quality design will avoid the
consequences of poor design and the negative
impacts poor design has to offer both them and
their home for many years to come. With the
ever increasing cost of modern construction, your
best value comes from quality design. Successfully
built homes and renovations take into consideration
the overall impact of quality design in relation to
your home's aesthetic appeal, scale, balance, real
estate value, and the emotional wellness that good
design provides its owners.

Vintage Home Design is committed to tailor your
vision to meet your desires with timeless and
appropriate design that you and any future owners
will enjoy for a lifetime.