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Best Design 2nd place Winner  
California Chapter of the American
Institute of Building Design 2011 e
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My first meeting with my new clients, right away they wanted to
show me their commitment to completely renovating their home.
They showed me a rather large hole in one of the kitchen walls
that was later to be removed to open the kitchen to the living
room. This hole they explained, "is there is no turning back. We
are ready for this project no matter what".
My clients request and wish list were: “Open up the closed in
rooms and make this house party ready.”We accomplished this
1. Enlarging the kitchen footprint within the walls of the existing
house by stealing space from the old dining room location.
2. Bump-out addition under an existing porch roof which expands
the living room, front entry and adjacent bedroom which was
3. Demo under stair ½ bath and relocate with full bath that
doubles as and on-suite full bath.
4. Front bedroom is relocated to an under utilized area of the
home and with the on-suite bathroom, this works as a lower floor
master suite for guests or for home owners should they decide to
live in place during their later years.
5. With the now enlarged by the front bump-out addition where
the old front bedroom was, we relocated the dining room into this
space. See photos and the passage into the kitchen that acts as
a wine room/celler. With this passage walls and arched ceiling
are clad in natural stone. It feels as if you are walking into a wine
cave at your favorite winery in Napa. This may well be one of the
most unique features of the project.
6. The rest; Twelve inch deep walls with arched openings provide
spatial separation between rooms in this open concept floor plan
as well as adding heft and richness to the design. A mud room
closet was added off the garage, and lastly the laundry room was
relocated upstairs.
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Above; View from living room towards new
dining room and refurbished stairs.
Notice the spacious entry with the front wall
bumped out.
Before, small out dated cramped kitchen.
After, kitchen footprint is enlarged by using old dining
room space.
View from entry looking towards kitchen. Existing
floor plan looks cramped and notice the dark
uninviting dining room in the background.

The new plan is open, light, bright and inviting.
The new dining room took over the old lower
bedroom space. With the front house bump-out
addition the new dining room is quite spacious and
formal. The location is appropriate for classical
design. Dining to one side of the entry and living
room to the other.

The existing bedroom was relocated to an under
utilized area of the lower floor and now has it's own
on-suite bathroom.
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A newly crated hall, featuring
it's arched ceiling, links the
kitchen to the dining room as
well serves as a wine
decanting room. This may well
be the most distinctive feature
of this remodel.